Lathe Tailstock alignent

At the end of last season I noticed I was getting a measurable taper on some of my Grizzly G4003 lathe turnings. I put an Edge Technology tailstock alignment bar on my Christmas wish list and Santa was good to me! Now that the weather is nicer and there is actually some free space to work in the garage I decided to inspect my lathe tailstock with the edge technology tailstock alignment bar.

Edge Technology Tailstock Alignment Bar Review

The thing works like a charm and paired extremely well with my 3d printer dial indicator for my quick change tool post (QCTP). It’s almost too easy.

Edge technology tailstock alignment bar
G4003 with spindle exposed after chuck removed
Edge technology tailstock alignment bar
3d printed dial indicator for the QCTP installed and ready to measure the tailstock alignment.

I zeroed the dial indicator at the left hand side and then moved it to the right to find the distance out of tolerance if any. Surenough

Spindle side – zeroed out
Tailstock side – measurement shows .004 out of alignment

Sure enough the measurements revealed the tailstock was .004” out of alignment.

After a few more mods to the tailstock I was able to get it within .001” alignment in short order.

Final alignment with the edge technology tailstock alignment bar


The edge technology tailstock alignment bar is easy to set up, sturdy, and makes an accurate tailstock measurement quick and easy. I would recommend it.

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