DIY Model Rocket Launcher

DIY Model Rocket Launcher

A DIY 3D Printed Rocket Launcher

After successfully launching a multitude of my 3D printed Bounty Towel rockets, my kids and I decided we needed a more badass rocket launcher than the bland and generic store bought mass manufactured versions. My biggest complaint with the generic store bought models is when you press the switch you get very little feedback on what is happening. This is especially concerning when the rocket doesn’t immediately launch. There is also ample opportunity for improvement in the aesthetics department on these devices.

If we wanted an awesome rocket launcher we were going to have to print, build, wire, and assemble it ourselves!

Bill of Materials (BOM)

DIY 3D printed rocket launcher cover
DIY 3D Printed Rocket Launcher Cover
DIY 3D Printed Rocket Launcher Cover with electronics mounted
Wiring up the DIY model rocket launcher
A DIY Model Rocket Launcher

3 thoughts on “DIY Model Rocket Launcher”

  1. These are utterly amazing! Are you planning to sell them, or release the .stl files and detailed part list? I know a lot of my friends would love them.

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