3D Printed Model Rockets

I completely redid my design for the bounty towel paper model rocket so I could print the model upside down and get much more aggressive looking tail fins for the 3D printed model rockets.

Preparing to slice up my 3D model rocket base using my Prusa Slicer software
3D model rocket base in Prusa Slicer
Printing the 3D model rocket base
3D printed model rocket base and custom launch controller

Free Download

I had a few requests for the file so I will post them here. Over time I have found some differences in diameter of the paper towel rolls and you may need to wrap electrical tape around the base to get them to fit properly.

Click below to download a compressed file containing the models in a specific format called .3mf.

3 thoughts on “3D Printed Model Rockets”

  1. Would you share the design files for the 3D-printed rocket parts and the launcher? I have 120 high school students coming to an Aviation STEM camp and I’d love to introduce them to model rocketry this way.

    1. Site updated with a zip file to include some of the models (3MF format). If the fit is not perfect, use electrical tape to get a good seal.

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